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What if you could be at a healthy weight without obsessing?


Would you be stoked like this woman? 


What is Weight Loss Unlocked?

Here at Health to Empower, we believe that your weight doesn’t define you. Period.

But we also know that there are legitimate reasons to want to lose weight.

We can help with that. We want to help with that, because we have a lot of experience working in this space. We share insights about the body that support emotional health, too.

Weight Loss Unlocked is a simple step-by-step weight loss guide that helps heal what your body needs to heal in order to stop weight fluctuations and frustrations.

It does this all while reminding you constantly that your size doesn’t define you. What matters most is nourishing yourself, focusing on your health, and taking this journey with your body one day at a time.



What users are saying 

Stefani has literally the best insights I have found on women’s health… Without her I wouldn’t know the truth about carbohydrates or fasting and how I was messing up my own weight loss. Thanks to Stefani I finally understood how to stop it and reversed the damage. Now I manage to stay in al my favorite, skinny clothes without having to obsess!!
Alexa C.

Before I found you Stef I never knew the weight loss advice I was following from paleo gurus (I won’t name names!) was actually the very thing preventing me from losing weight. Then I found you and it all clicked. Before you my weight loss was up and down and up and down (130-145) for years. Now I am happily stable at around 123lbs, right where I feel I am meant to be.
Rebecca S.

I discovered Stefani Ruper (who I privately call Super Ruper)…just a few months ago…and she helped me take the final step and throw away the birth control pill for good among so many other things. Stefani’s brilliant stuff is what Cosmopolitan should write about. The women’s world would be saved for the good.
Nina V.

Reading Stefani’s take on intermittent fasting was the slap in the face I needed to actually start listening to what my body was telling me. Her WLU Program has utterly and completely changed my relationship to my body and how  I treat myself. I owe Stefani an unbelievable debt of gratitude for showing me the way not just to self love but also to being able to fit into my favorite leggings. 
Caitlin M.

What do you get with Weight Loss Unlocked?

The Book

($79 Value!)

This info-packed e-book turns science into effective weight management insights. For example, estrogen plays a role in weightgain and loss, and if you learn about it and your body you can use it to your advantage. Here, you learn all of Stefani’s best tips and tricks for sustainable and healthy weight loss. 

The Plans

($37 Value!)

Weight Loss Unlocked tells you exactly how to choose foods and plan your day, all so you don’t have to. Choose from 2 different meal plans based on your body type.

FREE Bonus – The Body Image Remix

($29 Value!)

Want some rockin’ confidence to go with your weight loss journey? Learn all about spicing up your wardrobe, journalling to improve your self love, and how to feel unstoppable no matter your weight next time you step out the door.

FREE Bonus – The Paleo Woman’s Smoothie Book

($27 Value!)

21 FREE bonus smoothie recipes – 100% Gluten, dairy, and nightshade free. From berries to avocadoes to mangoes to chocolate and bacon, these smoothies are our favorite on-the-go super-healthful snacks.

Get started right away by downloading it today for 50% off  

Lose Weight Smarter, not Harder

Of pretty much all weight loss programs we’ve found online, all of them make 1 crucial mistake:

They ignore what’s special about female bodies.

Even the paleo diet makes this crucial mistake. 

But Weight Loss Unlocked does not. 

In fact, Weight Loss Unlocked flips traditional weight loss on its head. It is one of the only programs of its kind to use science on women’s bodies specifically to help. 

Real Weight Loss. No BS.

Most weight loss programs will try to trick you.

“Do this one weird exercise and lose 10 pounds in a week!” they say.

This is wrong. It’s impossible to lose 10 pounds in a week. Also, “one weird exercise” will (almost surely) never get you there. 

Weight Loss Unlocked takes your goals seriously. It knows that you’re a real woman with a real body, who needs real talk and honest advice. 

Weight Loss Unlocked isn’t for you if you want a quick fix. 

But it is for you if you’re ready to get real, heal, and nourish your body. 




How Weight Loss Unlocked Changed Carla’s Life


“I’ve lost almost 30 pounds. I’ve lost 31.25 inches… my overall health has just dramatically improved.

It’s the best investment I have made in myself.”

What experts are saying 

Stefani is one of the boldest and most learned advocates of women’s health on the ancestral health scene.
Robb Wolf

New York Times Bestselling Author, The Paleo Solution

There’s no question that Stefani is a genius and a leading thinker when it comes to the empowerment of the female mindset and body. As an Olympic athlete, I rely heavily on my body to perform at its best day in and day out, and I am so grateful for Stefani’s nutrition advice.
Taylor Ritzel

2012 Olympic Gold Medalist

What users are saying 

3 months on Weight Loss Unlocked and I couldn’t be more happy. Or surprised. 3 years of battling post baby weight… and then 3 months I’m nearly back to normal. Stefani you really are a miracle worker. I am constantly awed by the way you deliver weight loss in a way that feels good for me – inside AND out. 
Anne T.

My whole understanding of my relationship with food was flipped ON ITS HEAD with this program. Here I was, doing all the “right” things… when really what I needed was to focus on what was right FOR ME.

Valerie S.

Eat your favorite foods, all the time


Do you just love ice cream?

Or maybe just want to be able to appreciate a sweet mango, or a juicy steak?

Weight Loss Unlocked doesn’t force you to give up your favorite foods. It actually has a range of plans available based on how much you are a sweets kind of woman, or how much you are a savory kind of woman…

But you will be prompted to figure out which foods best support your health and if any need to be eliminated for health reasons.

No need to give up carbs. No need to give up fat. Just eat. Heal. Follow our plan. And get comfortable loving the healing journey and outcomes… because this plan is designed to be sustainable and help you peacefully manage your weight for a looong time.



All 100% Risk Free

We are more committed to your satisfaction than to our bottom line.

This means your purchase is 100% risk free.

If you are unsure if Weight Loss Unlocked is right for you, don’t worry. We will refund your purchase for literally any reason. 

If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply send us an email at! It’s that easy 🙂

Still unsure? Have questions? Check out the FAQ! 

Wait, isn't it more important to love yourself than it is to lose weight?

Yes, of course! We fully recognize and promote self-love and acceptance at all body sizes.

Yet we acknowledge that you may want to lose weight for any number of reasons. It’s not our job to tell you what your motivation for weight loss should be. It is our job to help guide you in that journey to greater health, energy, and love. Our goal is to teach women how to love themselves above all else, and then let weight loss follow gently in its path.

I know nothing about nutrition and especially this whole paleo thing. Is this program for me?

Absolutely! Stefani teaches you nutritional basics and show you precisely how to make eating well a total breeze. The principles of Weight Loss Unlocked are grounded in paleo diet insight but are not bound by it. 

I know a lot about the paleo diet already. is this program for me?

Absolutely! Weight Loss Unlocked does cover simple “paleo” ground and describe the basic science behind food choices and why paleo is a good heuristic for thinking about what to eat, but it does so with a unique perspective. The program also covers a great deal of depth on female hormones and the special needs female bodies. Of course, if you’re unhappy you’re always welcome to a refund, always. Just email us at

What if it doesn't work for me?

Then it’s all free. Just email us at!

I am menopausal. Is this program for me?

Yes! There are special tips for women in menopause. If you don’t like them, it’s okay, you’re welcome to a refund. Just email us at!

Will I have to wait for you to ship me all of this information?

No, the information is available for digital download immediately after purchase! All of the files are in .pdf format, immediately usable by both PC and Mac users. The PDFs are Kindle and printer friendly if you would like to print the text. If you have technical difficulties send us an email at!

What if I have other questions?

Email us at with any questions or concerns you have about the program!

Get started right away by downloading it today for 50% off  

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